Four-year old Alexa Middelaer

Alexa’s Team 2016 (Vancouver Island)

D/C Derren Lench, Cst. Jewkes, Cst. Apa, C/Cst. Les Sylven

We are proud to announce that Central Saanich Police members Cst. Jason Jewkes and Cst. Anil Apa (seen above) have been named to Alexa’s Team 2016.

Each year police officers around the province are recognized for their contribution to road safety by the Alexa Middelaer Foundation. The Alexa’s Team is a program that recognizes RCMP and Municipal police officers who make an extraordinary contribution in reducing the number of alcohol and drug affected drivers on the roads of our communities.  Alexa’s Team was named after four-year-old Alexa Middelaer, who was killed by a drunk driver in May 2008.

Vancouver Island Alexa’s Team members were honored on April 26th by the foundation and ICBC along with Alexa’s parents,  Laurel and Micheal Middelaer, who thanked each one at a heartfelt ceremony at Glenlyon-Norfolk Junior School.

In addition to alcohol related enforcement by our two members, Cst. Jewkes is also a Certified Drug Recognition Expert, who has applied his expertise throughout the province recognizing impaired drivers by drug.  Please help us congratulate Jason and Anil on their well deserved place on Alexa’s Team!