The Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P) has seen an 89% increase over the past two years* in online sextortion cases among teenage boys, prompting them to develop Canada’s first awareness and prevention campaign for boys.

The new campaign uses humour to connect with boys and deliver the serious message of “don’t get sextorted.” The new website offers resources for teens, educators and parents to facilitate open conversations about the issue and a link to confidential online help.

The Don’t Get Sextorted, Send a Naked Mole Rat campaign breaks down communication barriers with a character that uses humour and innuendo to appeal to teenage boys; capture their attention; and make it easier to talk about sextortion. The naked mole rat character is also portrayed in memes that can be sent as a prankster-style alternative, to those asking for nudes online. It gives boys an easy “way out” of a potential sextortion situation and is a way in for adults to have important conversations with teens about this growing issue.