Bike Registration

Bike Registration

About the Registry

Central Saanich Police Service offers bike registration to help combat bike theft and to reunite found or seized bikes with their owners. 

Registering your bike is quick and easy.  Just fill out the form below! It will automatically be sent to us upon completion. Your bike information will then be entered into  a  database that is accessible to police agencies throughout British Columbia.

Please remember to take photos of you with your bike, and save purchase information that can assist in an investigation should your bike be stolen.  In the event your bike is stolen, report it immediately to the police agency in the area where the incident occurred,  and inform the call taker that your bike is registered with police.  To report a bike stolen from the Central Saanich area please call our report desk at 250.652.4441


Bicycle Information

Personal Information

The Central Saanich Police Service has the authority to collect the personal information under Section 26(b)(c) and (d) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.