Although we live in a safe community, we are vulnerable to “crime of opportunity” if we do not take precautions. Central Saanich has experienced several thefts from vehicles in the past few months.  Thieves are looking for cash, wallets, phones or anything of value. Here are some simple tips to keep your vehicle from being targeted: 

  • Always lock your doors (most vehicles reported entered were left unlocked).
  • Never leave your purse or wallet in the car.
  • Remove all valuables when your vehicle is left overnight.
  • Park in the driveway or well-lit area if possible.
  • Lock your insurance papers in the glove box. 

One of the proven ways to help reduce theft from vehicles in your neighborhood is to establish a Block Watch, where neighbors are trained to reduce risk and victimization including how to report suspicious activity. To learn more about the Block Watch Program, email Cpl. Cottingham at